A bit about us:

We’re midwestern folk in the second half of life, followers of Christ, and working together as partners in a business, Picks Pix & Web, serving the website and photography needs of the QCA and beyond.   We use a portion of our income from commercial clients to fund this ministry, founded in 1998, to provide our professional services at no cost to organizations that answer first and foremost to Jesus Christ as Lord.

Patti, a founding partner, was baptized in the early 80’s and led a very effective lay ministry to troubled youth, as well as supplying graphic & video design to a variety of churches.   She went home to God in December of 2010, after a 1½ year battle with cancer.

Tom, also known as ’Mas, was baptized in June of 1997 and serves the body through teaching the Word, music, drama, counselling & prayer.

Carolyn, baptized in July of 2011, seeks to know His will in her life and studies His Word in that quest.

We all came to our faith in Christ later in life from very secular backgrounds and still remember the world we came from.   As is true for all followers of Christ, we are called to step out from under the shadow of the church steeple and share the good news to those who haven’t heard, in ways that speak to their aching hearts.

Other Ministries We Promote

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